icanliketo connect people, the job posters who have projects that need doing, with the freelancers who have the necessary skills to complete the project.

With icanliketo you’re always covered. The money goes into a third party escrow account – ‘task givers’ don’t give the go-ahead to release the funds until they are happy with the work done and ‘task doers’ know that the money has already been paid so they can go ahead with the job.

Yes, all South Africans can join icanliketo, and it’s quick and easy. All you need is to register with a username, password and email address. All communication is done via your email address so it needs to be valid.

icanliketo take a cut of the payment to the freelancer. This only happens when the payment is made to the freelancer. So until the job poster is happy with the work done, no one gets paid.

The job poster logs on to icanliketo and posts their job. Part of the input of the job is the category of work e.g. bookkeeping, events, removals, webdesign, etc. and then location, Remote being something that can be done remotely or on-line and an Area e.g. Western Cape, Cape Town if you need shopfitting in your store, or something done locally. 

These two sections work together to trigger notifications to freelancers who match your criteria. They are notified instantly and they can quote for the work requested accordingly. When a freelancer signs up they are asked to complete the category and location alert sections in their profile so that they receive these job requests.

We recommend that freelancers who work remotely select “Remote” AND their physical location, so they don’t miss out on any job requests.

When the job poster accepts a freelancer’s quotation they are required to pay the quotation amount into the escrow account before the commencement of any work. This is where security is stepped up. The job poster is required to have a SA I.D and SA bank account, so that in the event of a job cancellation, the escrow payment can be refunded. 

The freelancer knows it is safe to go ahead with the work because the funds are available. The job poster is safe because only THEY can release the funds, and only when THEY are happy with the freelancers work!

When a freelancers quotation is accepted the freelancer is required to give the same extra information for escrow, a valid SA I.D. and an SA bank account are required. This is to receive payment on completion. This is the ONLY way to receive payment.

So you can’t get scammed if you do the deal through the icanliketo escrow system, that’s guaranteed.

Don’t  bypass the system because insurance won’t apply to tasks not done through icanliketo


Contact us, we are an email away. support@icanliketo.co.za 

When you accept a bid from a freelancer the next step is to make a payment into the Escrow account.

This payment comes from your account under “Dashboard” and “Finances”. This is your account and you deposit money into it. When you accept a quotation you make an escrow payment  from this account into the escrow account and held there until the job is completed.

Any refund from the escrow account goes back into your account. For example if a job is cancelled.

When a job is completed and you release the freelancers payment the funds move from the escrow account into the freelancers account. From here the freelancer requests payment into their bank account.

When accepting a freelancer bid, if you try to make an escrow payment that is bigger that your account balance you will receive the message “Your balance is smaller than the amount requested”. Make a payment into your account and go to “Dashboard” “Buyer” “Awaiting Completion” and complete the necessary escrow payment . This triggers the go ahead for the freelancer to start the job.

Posting a job on icanliketo is pretty self explanatory. The more information you give about the job you want completed the more detailed the quotation you’ll receive. The date section is when you want the freelancer bidding to end, but you can choose a freelancer as soon as you are ready – or not all. Nothing is binding until the freelancer has been selected and the escrow payment made, because now the work commences. Then you, as the poster, release the payment to the freelancer on successful completion of the job, not before.