Marketing for a Pole Dancing Studio
Project closed for price: R7,500.00

We are opening our studio mid Jan 2020 and want to boost our attendance figures from day one.
We have a budget, what can you do for us?
I can’t see where to change the date, but we need marketing up and running by the 6th !!!

07-Dec-2019 07:42:25
10 days
Hi Candice, yes it will need to be a multi pronged approach around a website and social media We need to build a prospective client base to market to regularly. We\'d like to create your site for you in WordPress using the Divi premium theme. With over 20 years experience we will delight you with a great web presence that\'s functional and interactive as well. Our Quotation includes:­ ✅ Professional look and feel to meet your website specifications ✅ Responsive design working on all major devices ✅ SEO optimised structure ✅ Sliding banners / Animation ✅ Video and image Gallery ✅ Image and speed optimisation ✅ Google site kit integration ✅ Facebook Pixel installation ✅ Mailchimp newsletter subscription & marketing integration ✅ Contact form ✅ Automated backups ✅ Easy navigation ✅ Online feedback form ✅ Links to social media pages ✅ Social media feed integration ✅ Social media ad creation ✅ Client to supply pictures and copy ✅ The site is not complete until you are happy ✅ 60 day support after completion, thereafter we can look at a small monthly maintenance charge if required. We can assist with a domain name and hosting if required. Remember, you don\'t release our payment until you are happy - your \"I Can Like To\" guarantee of satisfaction! Kind Regards Paul
06-Dec-2019 13:03:15
15 days
Project Winner
Hi Candice, you\'ll need a website, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest presence at the very least. This will not leave much for PPC (pay per click) but the one won\'t work without the other. Lets chat
06-Dec-2019 12:45:36
14 days
Hi Candice, my name is Anita and I am new to Icanliketo. I have over 15 years of experience in mainstream advertising and communications - so I have lots of general communication, strategic planning and project management experience. I am in the process of completing my diploma in digital marketing, so I am learning, but I have knowledge in all social media platforms (instagram and facebook are the strongest), and I have knowledge in SEO and Google analytics. Additionally, I have lots of contacts should we need help with copywriting or graphic design. Anyway, my offer is based on the fact that I am new at this and I would love to help you out and perhaps use what we do together as a case study for me. Obviously we would need to chat through and discuss what your business objectives are and we can tailor a plan accordingly. Happy to chat through with you! :) Anita
06-Dec-2019 12:19:30
10 days
1.) Starter Package Website 1 - 3 Page Website Design ✔ 2 Social Media Redirects ✔ Contact form ✔ Google Maps ✔ Responsive Website Design ✔ Newsletter Sign Up – Attract more incoming leads to Business ✔ Search Engine Friendly (SEO) INCLUDED: • Metadata • Google Indexing • Counter of Web Stats on a monthly basis • Favicon *once off fee of R2025.00 2.) Domain Registration Registration on www.yourdomain.co.za (We will check availability) Yearly renewal fee is payable after 11 months from registration date if you decided to carry on. *R200.00 per annum 3.) Business Package Hosting 5 Email accounts + 1 Domain (with website) Disk Quota (MB) = 1 000 Monthly Bandwidth (MB) = 100 000 Max FTP Accounts = 1 Max Email Accounts = 5 Max Quota per Email Address (MB) = 500 Max Databases = Unlimited Max Parked Domains = 3 *monthly payable fee via our subscription option Marketing Packages: 1.) Facebook Page Management 1. We will find the best content for your audience. 2. Get your life back: We will plan your posts for you! 3. Our algorithm creates the perfect posting times to ensure the most engagement from your followers. 3. Our posts is based on your industry and interests with your target audience in mind! The results? ✔️Automated Facebook page content that is posted on your behalf. ✔️Smarter content in less time that will give your business MORE likes, MORE clicks, MORE traffic, MORE sales! For R1500 p/month you will receive 4x posts per day that includes: ➡️Quote for the day ➡️Engaging Photo\'s and Articles ➡️Status updates ➡️Top News **All related to your industry/service Integrated on your Instagram Page as well; extra fee of R200 per month. *monthly fee of R1800 / R2000 (Depending on Instagram Integration) 2.) Facebook Group Advertising Facebook Group Marketing is for organic reach. We will advertise your Facebook Page post in relevant Groups to increase your organic reach. Kreativworx are joined to over 6000 National Facebook Groups and have software that Share your Facebook Page Posts to various groups on a daily basis. 1 - 100 Facebook Groups R250 per month 100 - 200 Facebook Groups R350 per month 200 - 300 Facebook Groups R450 per month 300 - 400 Facebook Groups R550 per month 400 - 500 Facebook Groups R650 per month *monthly fee 3.) Facebook Paid Advertising Campaigns We offer paid Facebook advertisements campaigns: You can run Facebook ads on any budget, Kreativworx charges 40% of your budget amount. Setting our Paid Facebook campaigns up in this manner ensures that our clients always knows how much money they exactly spends on their advertisements. R1000 + 40% = R1400 (Client recieves R1000 ad campaign over month period, R400 goes to Kreativworx for admin and monitoring fees) etc. *monthly fee 4.) Google Ads / PPC Marketing PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine\'s sponsored links when someone searches on a keyword that is related to their business offering. PPC Marketing Package 1: Client will recieve R3750.00 worth of marketing. Administration and monitoring = R1250.00 Total amount of R5000.00 p/month PPC Marketing Package 2: Client will recieve R7500.00 worth of marketing. Administration and monitoring = R2500.00 Total amount of R10 000.00 p/month PPC Marketing Package 3: Client will recieve R11 250.00 worth of marketing. Administration and monitoring = R3750.00 Total amount of R15 000.00 p/month PPC Marketing Package 4: Client will recieve R15 000.00 worth of marketing. Administration and monitoring = R5000.00 Total amount of R20 000.00 p/month Google Adwords Campaign Setup Fee = R1500.00 will also be charged to your chosen package. *monthly fee
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