Need help with Facebook Ads

I would like to place some ads on Facebook for our startup to generate some good leads. We have not had much success in the past, so we’re looking to do a campaign where we can see real results. Advice on budget and time-frame would be appreciated. Ideally looking for someone with experience and a proven tack record, we want a measurable ROI.

04-Nov-2019 11:01:40
5 days
Happy to help here. We\'d need to discuss what you\'ve tried in the past, ad copy, visuals, target market etc. Google ads and SEO are both alternatives depending on your time frame. Our decision would be based very much on your products or service, geographical area etc. But yes, keen to work with you on this.
28-Oct-2019 16:46:33
30 days
I specialise in Facebook campaigns that deliver. No matter what your industry, we can dream up a strategy that will get you exactly what you want.
24-Oct-2019 12:47:26
3 days
I am happy to help you with Facebook ads as i have helped many companies across the country. I am a Freelance Web Designer and Digital Marketer which is a great advantage for you because not only will i manage your ads but i will analyse and create great copy on your website or landing page, to anchor your campaign, I will optimise your content to match the trends on the market so that you get a good ROI, Above all i will inspect everything in your marketing funnel so that they complement the entire campaign, hence a good ROI. Most of the times it is not much about the budget but about the content, User Experience, execution and the experience of the person behind the Ads. My philosophy is, if i did not convince you in these few words then i can not convince your customers either. But if i convince you then i will definitely convince your customers when i am running your campaigns. But do not take my word for it. Go see for yourself on my website: www.princechiramba.com i hope to hear from you soon. Cheers, Prince
24-Oct-2019 11:56:20
3 days
Good day, id like to submit a proposal however, i would require more information about the company itself and what exactly is required. I specialise in events and business marketing and content creation with attention to personalising for each niche.
24-Oct-2019 11:28:15
3 days
Hi Suzie I would gladly like to assist. Feel free to visit www.19digital.co.za to see what we do and how we go about Social Media Marketing. Please also let me know what industry you are in, your customer persona and if you have a website/landing page in place? Look forward to hearing from you. Jacques
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