Project Title Aquired on PriceRating
WIX site updateWIX site update19-Nov-2019 14:20:02R5,500.00 (5/5)
Comment: Thanks Paul, fast efficient and exactly what I wanted!
Email problemEmail problem06-Nov-2019 16:22:06R450.00 (5/5)
Comment: Paul was great, really knows his stuff. I've had an intermittent problem for ages but so far (touch wood) no errors and I've sent hundreds this morning.
New business, most graphics and copy ready, +- 8 pages and 40 products in the healthy lifestyle industry.

Update my website Sealed Bidding

OK time for a fresh new year, sites been up for three years now and it's time for a new look. I'll supply the pictures and the copy and you supply the "pop"

Digital Marketing Sealed Bidding

We need to market a new South African Cookbook for a client, both local and overseas.

I need a website Sealed Bidding

New startup business to look after airBnb properties

Looking for a website Sealed Bidding

5 to 6 pages for a new business venture

Email problem Sealed Bidding

Clients say there are not receiving emails (sometimes) we are using Thunderbird and our own domain and MWEB and MTN dongle to send emails???

WIX site update Sealed Bidding

Existing WIX site that I had done a couple of years ago. It now needs a major face lift. Should I stay with WIX or change platforms, need advice.